In a Rare Treat, the Boston Symphony Orchestra Comes to Santa Barbara (but without James Levine!)

Maestro Ludovic Morlot

LISTEN: Part 1
LISTEN: Part 2
It’s been 58 years since the legendary Boston Symphony Orchestra performed in Santa Barbara, and all eyes will be on the exciting and talented young conductor Ludovic Morlot. With Maestro James Levine having recently stepped down from the post due to health problems, a string of guest conductors is being closely watched to predict who might replace Levine on one of the most prestigious podiums in the world. The 37-year old Frenchman was assistant conductor at the BSO under Levine from 2004-2007, so he’s not only familiar with the orchestra, but also with the unique seating arrangement Levine instituted when he came to Boston. Pulitzer Prize-winning classical music critic for the Boston Phoenix, Lloyd Schwartz, says Levine’s adjustments to the orchestra made it sound more beautiful than ever, and that Morlot’s talent and reverence for those methods leave him well poised as a top contender to replace him.

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