The Santa Barbara Children’s Chorus Hits the Big Time with La Bohème

Members of the Santa Barbara Children's Chorus in costume for La Bohème

LISTEN: Part 1
LISTEN: Part 2
The Santa Barbara Children’s Chorus began in 1993, but over the last 10 years, for various reason, it slowly began to decline and was nearly defunct a year ago. That’s when the group’s new Artistic Director, Paul Freeman, helped rescue the organization from the brink. And now, currently in its second semester, the newly invigorated choir teaches not only choir and solo singing to kids 8-14 yrs. old, but also music theory and how to perform as an ensemble. And when the current crop of young singers were told they’d likely participate in a real live opera with Opera Santa Barbara, they weren’t quite sure what that meant… that is, until the first rehearsal.

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