Ernestine De Soto – 6 Generations: A Chumash Family’s History

Ernestine De Soto’s late mother was the last Chumash Indian to speak the native language. The documentary film 6 Generations: A Chumash Family’s History tells the story of Ernestine’s family going all the way back to the year 1769, the year of first contact, when the Spanish arrived in Santa Barbara. Directed by Paul Goldsmith, the film tells in great detail of the sacrifices and struggles of the Chumash people as they tried, and continue to try, to keep their culture alive. It screened at the 2011 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and I produced these two pieces as part of my coverage for KDB Radio in Santa Barbara.

LISTEN: Ernestine De Soto, Part I (4:20)
LISTEN: Ernestine De Soto, Part II (4:20)

Ernestine De Soto, sitting outside the Santa Barbara Mission

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3 Responses to Ernestine De Soto – 6 Generations: A Chumash Family’s History

  1. Lorraine Frain says:

    Would like to meet Ernestine De Soto, and would be delighted to view the film, “6 Generations of Chumash Women.”

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  3. Gloria A Esquivel says:

    I’m a descendent of Coastal Band Chumash. My Grandmother is Gloria Cordero. Her family is generations of Romero’s from the Santa Barbara area ( Chumash). Its my honor to read about Ernestine De Soto and her generations. I will continue to pursue my ancestry of Chumash Family for me and my children and generations to come. My hopes are that all our Chumash family will be recognized, honored and educated in our language.

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